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Our company


OIKODOMEIN was founded in February 1997 by the partnership of four professionals & engineers with many years of experience in the design-construction & management of building projects.

The purpose of the company is: the study and construction of buildings and houses of high quality and excellent aesthetics that improve the environment and promote the standard of living of man.

We ensure that the members of our company are aligned with the purpose, having integrity, high morale, good organization, high technical know-how, continuous training and continuous information in their field of action.

The OIKODOMEIN company has implemented and delivered projects with a total area of ​​more than 50,000 sq.m., more than 400 apartments and more than 250 renovations, while the number of people who trusted us for the construction or reconstruction of their homes exceeds 700.


ΠAdapting to the demands of the times and the real needs of the public, the company has expanded its activity to renovations of all kinds, providing solutions to improve the quality of life, in very reasonable — for the time — contexts.

Similar attention is given to the needs of professionals in terms of renovating workplaces. The success of a business space is related to the uniqueness and aesthetics it exudes to the prospective customer, whether it is offices, shops or hotels.

Our company, having many years of experience in building architecture and interior decoration, offers the special "note" that makes the space warm and friendly for its guests.

The opinion of the people who trusted us

Εμπιστευτικά την ολική ανακαίνιση της μονοκατοικίας μου στον Πειραιά στην εταιρεία Οικοδομείν και αυτή η επιλογή μου, με δικαίωσε. Η συνεργασία μας μαζί τους ήταν άριστη, καθώς πρόκειται για εξαιρετικούς επαγγελματίες, συνεπείς και τίμιους. Καθώς δεν είχα εμπειρία σε ανακαινίσεις μου παρείχαν ιδέες και λύσεις, τηρώντας τα χρονοδιαγράμματα αλλά και τον προϋπολογισμό που είχε αρχικά συμφωνηθεί. Το σημαντικότερο όμως είναι ότι παραμένουν πάντα διαθέσιμοι για οτιδήποτε χρειαστώ ακόμα και μετά την ολοκλήρωση του έργου. Τεχνογνωσία ,επαγγελματισμός, υπευθυνότητα, αξιοπιστία είναι τα συγκριτικά πλεονεκτήματα της εταιρείας Οικοδομείν. Σας Ευχαριστώ!!!
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Μ.Ξ.  2/2023

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