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The new project of our company concerned the renovation of a 70 sq m apartment in Exarchia. The house was built in the 60s. So, we were asked to make some changes, of an aesthetic nature, and at the same time to create comfortable spaces, which meet the needs of the owners.

The house was completely renovated and we created a single living room, dining room with open kitchen, two bedrooms, one of which is a master with its own bathroom and open space wardrobe. We also renovated the apartment's main bathroom, which serves the needs of guests and the second bedroom, with modern sanitary ware.

Of course, all plumbing and electrical supplies were replaced. The necessary maintenance of the wooden floors (sanding-polishing) was done, since the owner preferred to keep some elements of classic aesthetics, while combining the modern additions in the kitchen area and corridors with pressed cement mortar.

The house was shielded with a security door.

In the kitchen of the residence crem and sage lacquered doors were installed, which were perfectly combined with the large surfaces in earth colors and the bakelite counters in the color of wood.

Throughout the project there was a common line between the owners of the residence with the team of our company, which dealt with the project. The choice of materials that were used was based on the owner's preferences.

Many thanks to the owners for the trust they showed us, to create a special result.

Apartment renovation in Exarchia (2023)



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