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Another radical renovation project that our company was asked to undertake has been completed. It is a renovation of a 140 sq.m. apartment, 1st floor, which is housed in an apartment building built in the 70s in the area of Kato Patisia, on Acharnon Avenue.

The owners wanted a space that would stand out in terms of aesthetics and impress.

Materials in white, black and wood tones were used throughout the apartment so as to combine classic and modern design.

A single living room - dining area was created, with an open space kitchen. In the living room and in the dining room, details of first grade black granite tiles were added, which give an impressive presence, but also elegance to the space. However, the decorative plasterboard and wood constructions, with integrated lighting elements, create an atmosphere of relaxation and warmth.

In addition, gray granite-type tiles were chosen for the bathrooms, which, combined with the chrome details of the shower and sink and shower mixers, express a minimal and modern combination.

Of course, all plumbing and electrical supplies were replaced. The surfaces of the wooden floors were sanded and polished to make them like new.

The house was shielded with a security door and with modern energy-efficient aluminum frames from the company Exalco, with complete thermal break, so that thermal energy losses are eliminated.

In addition, the balcony of the apartment was renewed. For the floor, a Deck-type granite tile (wood imitation) was chosen, maintaining a classic style there, as well as a mirror-type glass divider, making the space seem larger.

The renewed aesthetics and improved functionality of the space exceeded all expectations of the owners.

We thank them for trusting us.

Apartment renovation in Kato Patisia (2024)



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