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The new project of our company concerned the renovation of a ground floor apartment, 50 sq.m. in Kolonaki. The construction of the apartment building in which the particular apartment is housed dates back to the 1950s. The changes the owners wanted to make were due to a change of use, as the space had been created to house offices, and our company was asked to convert it into a residence. For this reason, it was necessary to make changes to the layout and some necessary aesthetic interventions. Our aim was to make the apartment fully functional and pleasant for its residents.

So, we created a comfortable bedroom which is connected to the kitchen, as it is an open space and, at the same time, it is separated by a partition that exists between the two spaces. We renovated the bathroom with modern sanitary ware and created a cozy space in the living room.

Of course, all plumbing and electrical supplies were replaced. The surfaces of the wooden floors were sanded and polished to look like new.

The house was shielded with modern energy frames from the EXALCO aluminum company, with complete thermal break, so as to minimize the loss of thermal energy.

White PET carpentry was installed in the kitchen of the residence, which, in combination with the bakelite counters in pale gray color, give the space a modern feel.

The choice of materials used is based on the preferences of the owner.

Thank you very much for your trust and preference.

Apartment renovation in Kolonaki (2023)



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