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Dr. Christina Boubouka, Dermatologist - Venereologist - Dermatosurgeon, owner of the dermatological clinic DERMOANAPLASIS, Iera Odos 253, Aigaleo, turned to our company for the complete renovation of her clinic.

The project had to be completed in 20 days (while the clinic would be closed for summer holidays), in August 2022.

Special emphasis was placed on the interior design which included colors, textures, lighting study and furniture design.

There were removals and demolitions, new partitions for a better layout of the spaces, plaster constructions and all plumbing and electrical cables were replaced.

Additional decorative false ceilings with special lighting were added and an air conditioning-ventilation system was installed.

Vinyl flooring was installed to make the space warmer and friendlier. All interior doors were replaced and the bathrooms were completely renovated, which were made tasteful and functional at the same time, with wall coverings and an excellent selection of furniture.

With the wooden constructions and the furniture we have chosen, we have created a space that is unique and at the same time functional, which offers the feeling that you are entering a high-standard space. The waiting room, reception, examination rooms and office were designed to offer an unforgettable experience to all visitors. Glass partitions provided separation, accessible to the public.Many thanks to Dr. Christina Boubouka for the cooperation and the trust she showed us, to create a special result.

Renovation of DERMOANAPLASIS clinic, Iera Odos 253, Aegaleo (2022)



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