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The new project that our company was asked to undertake concerned the study and creation of

apartments for the purpose of short-term rental (AirBnb type) in a five-story building of 700m2,

which until recently housed offices, in Piraeus. Our architectural department, in collaboration

with the owner of the space, designed twelve independent luxury apartments fully equipped,

according to the standards provided for short-term rentals like AirBnb.

The apartments start from 30m² and reach up to 50m² each, with the main goal of being

spacious but also functional for the visitor. All apartments are fully soundproofed, have security

doors and entry to them is done using a unique code so that it is easier, but at the same time


In each apartment, plumbing and electrical installation was done from the beginning following a

study. The floors were also stripped and wood-tone PVC was installed to make the space warm

and bright. To heat the apartments, heat pumps with Fancoil were installed, which heat and

cool the space. At the same time, emphasis was placed on the lighting of the apartments, where

we installed hidden lighting, spots and LED strips on the ceiling and walls, using them as

decorative elements.

We used light-colored materials for the kitchens and bathrooms of the apartments, modern

sanitary ware and modern electrical appliances. In collaboration with our interior designers, we

decided to move towards minimal aesthetics, making the spaces modern, simple and

comfortable. We undertook the furnishing of the apartments, choosing materials and colors that

harmonized with the space.

Finally, the classic features of the building were preserved, placing artificial turf in the reception

area, giving a sense of freshness to the center of Piraeus.

We thank the owner for the cooperation and for the trust he showed us.

Renovation-Conversion of an office building into apartments in Piraeus (2023)



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