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Our new project concerns the conversion of a semi-basement space of a former warehouse into a short-term rental apartment (Airbnb type), 25 square meters, which is housed in an apartment building built in the 70s in Ilisia. The challenge with this was the very short turnaround time, as it only took 1.5 months from design to delivery to the owner.

After the walls were fully restored from dampness and shielded with modern products, we changed the layout creating a single kitchen bedroom area and a bathroom with the aim of being comfortable and fully functional.

We moved to earth and white tones and installed hidden lighting around and under the bed, kitchen cabinets and mirrors so that the apartment is bright and the stay is restful and pleasant for the guest.

Our company undertook the design and construction of all the wooden furniture from start to finish as well as the equipment of the electrical appliances.

Of course, all the plumbing and electrical supplies were replaced and the floors were stripped and new tiles installed. The apartment was protected by installing an alarm system and replacing the entrance door with a security door.

Many thanks to the owner for the trust he showed us.

Renovation-Conversion of a warehouse space into apartment in Ilisia (2024)



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