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Our company was asked to undertake a radical renovation project for offices


It is a space of 160 sq.m., 7th floor, which is housed in an old building in the

center of Athens, on Evripidou Street.

The owners wanted the new aesthetics of the offices to be based on a minimal

and modern design combining functionality and elegance, while keeping some

elements reminiscent of old Athens, such as the mosaic floor that was rubbed

and polished.

Clean and simple spaces dominate and, in combination with natural materials,

such as wood and glass constructions, create a feeling of warmth and

transparency. The color palette includes neutral tones.

The old, cramped layouts have given way to open, flexible workspaces that

promote communication and collaboration, by serving both individual and team


After a thorough study, we procured modern lighting systems that improve the

comfort and productivity of the workers.

The old dull windows were replaced with new, energy-efficient ones with the aim

in part of the energy upgrade but also to enhance the view of the Acropolis.

The materials used are of high quality and durable, ensuring long-term use and

maintaining the aesthetics of the space.

We are very grateful to the owners for their excellent cooperation and the trust

they have shown us.

Renovation of offices space in the center of Athens (2024)



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