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The new project of our company concerned the construction of a house, 80 square meters in

Mati. The original construction of the house was in the 70s and with the devastating fire in

the summer of 2018, the property was completely burned, so there was a big front for

radical changes.

It was completely restored and we managed to create a house with a single living room,

dining room with an open kitchen, two bedrooms, one of which is a master with an open

dressing room, bathroom and wc and the other office space in the attic.

Of course, all plumbing and electrical supplies were replaced. A new network of heating

pipes was installed as well as the necessary heat pump.

The house was shielded with modern energy frames from the EXALCO aluminum company.

The kitchen of the residence is designed according to the client's preferences and is truly

excellent! The white lacquered doors in combination with the large surfaces in earthy colors

and the bakelite counters give a sense of luxury to the space. The windows and balcony

doors around the perimeter of the kitchen area and the living room adds class to the

whole construction combining the contact with the nature that exists in the area.

In the master room, a dressing room with an open closet was built to accommodate the

couple's increased storage needs.

From the first stages of the project there was a common line between the owners of the

residence and the team of our company, which dealt with the project. The choice of

materials used is based on the preferences of the ownerη

Many thanks to the owners for the trust they showed us, to create a special result.

Detached house in Mati, Attica (2022)



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